HARRO HÖFLIGER Baliaca a plniaca technológia

Kapsulová technológia, technológia pre ploché vrecká, kartónovacia technika, technológia ťahania a dlažieb, špeciálne riešenia/technológie systémov

HARRO HÖFLIGER Packaging technology / Cartoners

Harro Höfliger machines process the most different carton blanks and special blister packages. Package contents of all kinds are fed and packed without difficulty. In addition, we provide you with everything that is required for printing, marking and labeling of your product. Of course, every process can be directly combined with product manufacturing.


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HARRO HÖFLIGER Packaging Technology / TopLoading

The Toploader MTL consists of these following basic modules: carton erector, carton loading and closing. In the carton erector, the flaps of the blank are glued and set up with a plunger tool. For loading the package with products or carton inlays, individu-ally designed feed units are integrated into the entire line. Additional carton inlays improve the structure of the package even more. Manual infeed sections are an op-tion for the flexible loading of the package with additional components. The closing module can be expanded with units for the placement or adhesion of package in-formation.


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HARRO HÖFLIGER End of line equipment

Automated end-of-line packaging solutions for comprehensive production concepts. 

Our goal is to optimize the manufacturing and packaging processes of our customers.
we consider integrated systems with our philosophy, that the reduction of process costs is a fundamental competitive advantage - starting from manufacturing process through to automated final packaging solutions.

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