IKA® mixing, dispersing, kneading

Mixing and dispersing – rotor-stator batch systems, modular single-stage or multi –stage inline dispersing machines, high press homogenizer, colloid / cone mill, discontinuous or continuous powder wetting machines, jet flow agitators, stands for agitators and dispersing machines, horizontal / vertical and continuous kneading machines.

IKA® ULTRA-TURAX® dispersing machines for vessels

IKA batch dispersers are based on rotor-stator principle and used for applications where conventional stirring is not enough, such as the production of emulsions and suspensions.



IKA® Inline dispersing machines

IKA's product range includes several types of inline machines for various mixing technologies – inline series 2000, colloid and cone mills. Most types of machines are available in 8 different sizes and are suitable for both small scale laboratory samples and large scale production applications

IKA® High press. Homogenizer


For many applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and environmental industries, it is necessary to reach particle sizes in a nano range. High pressure homogenizers can accomplish this task.

IKA® Solid-liquid mixers


IKA inline powder wetting and dispersing machines provide fast, lump-free wetting and dispersing of various different powders or granules in liquids. There are machines for batch operation and others for continuous and proportion to quantity operation.

IKA® Agitators

The IKA ROTOTRON® jet stream agitator stands out due to an extremely strong axial conveying effect. Even when it comes to less-than-optimal vessel dimensions and shapes, the jet stream agitator ensures a very intensive recirculation of the mixture while using relatively low energy input.
IKA stands are a practical accessory for use with IKA agitators, ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC or UTS dispersing machines. Mobile stands as well as floor or wall mounted stands are available. Adjustable fastening devices are offered to affix your mixing vessel to the stand.

IKA® Process plants

IKA specializes in systems for continuous or discontinuous powder incorporation into liquids, mixing and dispersing plants for the production of emulsions and suspensions (Standard Production Plant and Master Plant), as well as dilution plants.

IKA® Pilot plants

IKA Pilots connect your lab with the large-scale production. IKA ensures a seamless transition from product development to mass production by offering an equipment series where the same machine can handle both small and large capacities.

IKA® Kneading machines

IKA kneading machines are always useful when high-viscous masses have to be kneaded intensively and with absolutely no chance of contamination. The IKA high-efficiency kneading machines are available as horizontal and as vertical model and as continuous operation multi-chamber kneading machine.